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What's New at Dayton Home Photography?

A bit of backstory, in case you're interested...

(if you're not interested, just keep scrolling)

When Brent started Dayton Home Photography, his goal was to provide high quality photos for Real Estate professionals at a price that doesn't break the bank. And Brent has been doing that for a number of years now.

A couple of years ago, Brent realized that in the coming years his family would be relocating out of state. So he started to look for someone who could take the reigns at DHP and take care of the clients he has been serving so diligently.

Brent and Bryon crossed paths in early 2018. Brent saw in Bryon someone who already owned a growing business, and had a drive to work hard and serve his clients well. Brent began passing some properties to Bryon for shooting/editing.

Since then, Bryon has been consistently shooting/editing for DHP, in addition to running his own Commercial photo/video business (more on that later). For the past year, Bryon has also been handling scheduling, and recently, delivery and invoicing.

Now that the time has finally come for Brent and his family to leave Ohio, ownership of DHP will pass to Bryon, and he will be providing 100% of the services moving forward.

So how much is changing?

Nothing! As mentioned above, Bryon has been handling many aspects of the business for the last year anyway, so no changes there.

At this point, there are no price changes, no package changes, and no changes in service.

The ONLY things that would be considered changes:

#1 Instead of contacting Brent, you'll contact Bryon

#2 Instead of paying Brent, you'll pay Bryon (if you're paying online, there's no change at all)

We will continue to provide the same prompt, professional service that you've come to expect from Dayton Home Photography!

More info about Bryon

Bryon has been working in the world of media creation since 2007 when he bought his first video camera. He began volunteering his skills at his church, which turned into a full time position creating both photos and videos for the church. He held this position for 7.5 years, while also starting his own photography/videography company on the side in 2012.

In 2016, Bryon became full-time self-employed through this business, Bryon Black | Photographer (click here to visit the website!). Bryon began to focus primarily on shooting commercial photography at this time, including photos for Real Estate marketing.

You can also see some of the video work that Bryon has created at his Vimeo page, linked here.

Bryon and his amazing wife Ashley live in Vandalia, where they are currently fostering (with the possibility of adopting) 2 beautiful kids. (To maintain their privacy, their faces are partially obscured in this image).

Bryon loves to meet clients in person over coffee or lunch, so if you'd like to make that happen, please feel free to reach out.

Bryon's contact info:



Whether you're a new client, or you've been around since the beginning, we appreciate your business!

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