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Let's clean our way to a sale!

It's getting warmer outside and buyers are looking for the house that will be a perfect fit for their family. Get ready with a couple quick tips.

  1. Lets de-clutter and organize - Keep only essentials and donate, put in storage or sell everything that you don't need. This will also save you time and money when you sell the house and move.

  2. Manage your yard - Spring and summer is upon us and curb appeal is so important to selling your home. Make sure those mulch beds are filled with flowers and the bushes & trees are trimmed. Before photos and open houses make sure you mow and trim the yard.

  3. Stage the backyard - The backyard is often the last thing buyers see on a tour, so it should look nice. Very simple staging can make a huge difference. Get rid of decorations and clutter in the yard, add a table and chair set, power wash and stain the deck and fence. Remove any dying plants. If budget permits, add a barbecue, fire pit, Koi pond or outdoor lighting to create an inviting space.

  4. Light it up - Replace ALL burnt out bulbs! This is so important to making your home look the best in photos and for open houses. Open and clean the blinds and windows. Remember, a room filled with light is more inviting.

  5. Make a grand entrance. Consider replacing or painting the front door; if you have shutters, paint them a matching color. Clean and polish the door knob and fixtures. People are naturally attracted to symmetry, so place any accents on both sides of the door. Remember this is the first thing buyers see when they arrive to look at your home.

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